Top 5 Lake Guntersville Frog Fishing Tips










    Time of Year

       Lake Guntersville frog fishing can be productive from late September through  the middle of November depending on the weather and water temperature. 


      I believe Mid to late October is about as safe a bet as you can make although  there have been years when the frog fishing was wide open in late September  and the first week of October or as late as the second week of November. 


      Many anglers plan their trip months in advance which can be a great strategy  since the best lodging values book up well before frog fishing time.  The only  downside is that you might miss the wide open window.  If your trip is timed  right throw the frog and hang on!


     Water Temperature is Key

        As the weather and water temperature cools down at Lake Guntersville the  bass fishing heats up!    Look for water temps in the low 60’s as a start to  finding the best frog fishing. 


      If the water is warmer I recommend fishing the outside edges of the mat with a  topwater, Senko type  lure or a soft plastic.  You can still catch bass in the mats  with higher water temps but the frog fishing  won't really turn on until the  water cools off.



    Find the Right Mat

     Is the mat alive?  When you pull up to a Lake Guntersville mat take a little time to listen to it before you start fishing. 


     Do you hear any sucking sounds or other noises coming from the mat?  Does it sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies?  If so, that can be music to your ears.  Chances are there is bait and Bluegill in and around that mat and bait can mean bass. 


     Mats that don’t  sound alive can still be productive but spend less time on those mats if you don't get any blow ups and move on to find noisy ones if the silent ones aren’t producing.


    Speed Up, Slow Down - STOP!

      Don’t be in such a hurry to get the frog back to your boat.  In many cases, the slower you go, the faster you get (meaning more strikes)! 


     It’s actually a great idea to sometimes let your frog sit motionless for 30 seconds to a minute either as it hits the water or during the retrieve.  Think about it, are frogs in constant motion when they cross a grass mat?











    Feel the Bite

It’s very hard to do, particularly when that huge bass crushes your frog, but you have to slow down and let the bass take it.  Frog fishing is a low percentage game to start with but when you set the hook too soon the odds go down even lower. 


Your chances of hooking a bass go way up if you wait to set the hook until you actually feel the fish.  Also, keep your rod tip up during the retrieve.  If your rod tip is low, you can and will move the bait much further during a hookset than if it’s pointed toward the sky. 


In many cases, the slower reaction and shorter distance a high rod affords can be the difference between a boated bass and a fish tale…


Use these tips...

to plan an awesome lake Guntersville frog fishing trip!  If spring is "your thing" be sure to make reservations no later than January to get the dates and type of accommodations you're looking for.


If you need any information about lodging, restaurants, fishing, guides or anything lake Guntersville related give us a call at (256) 506-BASS or send an email to - we're here to help!